The Aldstadt Hotel

The Altstadt Hotel is located within the inner city ring road. Thus all of the historic buildings and tourist attractions located in the city, are easily within walking distance. "The Residence" (for example) is in its spleandour, found only 500 meters from the hotel. Half way to the Residence, brings you to the Mainfranken Theater, which is the main city theater. We are located only 300 meters from the main junction of the shopping district (Kaiserstrasse- Juliuspromenade - Schönbornstraße - Domstrasse - St. Augustine Road).

The cultural diversity in Wuerzburg is remarkable. In the period from May to October there are constantly various festivals and celebrations. These include the Mozart Festival, the Africa Festival (one of the largest of its kind), "Umsonst und Draußen" (an enourmous streetmusic festival), or "Stramu", a festival in which many stages are built throught the streets of Wurzburg, to showcase literally hundreds of musical genres.

In this beautiful wine growing region, many wine festivals have evolved, such as: "The wine village", which takes place directly in the main marketplace (10 minutes by foot from the hotel) or the "Hofgarten" wine festival which is in the middle of the beautiful "Residenz" gardens. For further information about local events, you can find specific details at: wuerzburg.de or wuewowas

The train station station is also within easy walking distance from the hotel. The Aldstadt Hotel is a perfect starting point for any trip. Call us or send us a request with the form. We are more than happy to personally address any question which you may have, and promise you that we will do all we can to ensure that your stay with us is exceptional.